a tale of two campaigns

even though the main stream media insists that the presidential race is a “virtual tie”, day after day we see pictures that say differently …
i understand …
they have a lot of advertising money riding on the election being close, and they’d hate for people to lose interest in their programming …
so, as long as the talking heads can convince people that this election is going to be a horse race, then people will stay tuned into all the fake suspense and drama that they try to portray …
i don’t know about horse race” …
”horse shit” sounds more like it …
just saying …

from: central michigan life

Romney campaign makes stop at CMU Wednesday afternoon

Students walk outside of a Mitt Romney campaign bus during a stop promoting the republican presidential candidate Wednesday afternoon outside of Charles V. Park Library.
(Jeffrey Smith / Staff Photographer)

About 17 people ventured to Lot 27 Wednesday afternoon.
Michigan Victory Communications Director Kelsey Knight said, “We’re here in an effort to splash how strong our grassroots efforts here in Michigan.”
Romney’s campaign message and signage appealed to some students on campus.
Avery Wyer said he plans to vote for Romney because he doesn’t like President Barack Obama,
but doesn’t necessarily agree with Romney’s policies.
Megan Gill, chair of the College Republicans of CMU, said she has been looking forward to seeing the bus.
“I am really excited (because) it shows Michigan is going to be a huge factor in this election,” Gill said.

from: eclectablog.com

Romney campaign bus stop in Mount Pleasant, Michigan draws several

romney bus

Michiganders are still pissed at Mitt Romney for turning his back on our domestic autoworkers. That, combined with his take-every-side-on-every-issue approach and unwillingness to be transparent about his taxes and his business past, have Michigan citizens rightfully sceptical of the failed candidate.
It appears to be contagious, too. To our south, Ohio is now looking very good for President Obama. A poll released this week has him seven points ahead of Romney in the Buckeye state. He’s five points ahead in Florida and Virginia, as well.
The “Death Stench” of the Romney campaign continues to waft across the country. The good news? It gives us the opportunity to give President Obama a clear mandate with a landslide victory and allows us to focus even more intently on the down ticket races. And focus we will.

from: durango herald

Obama turns back to economic message in return to Colorado

colorado sept 14

Two days after the killing of the American ambassador to Libya, the presidential campaigns returned Thursday to the economic messages they have been stressing all year.
At a rally in Golden, President Barack Obama vowed to bring to justice the people who killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others during an assault on a U.S. consulate in Libya.
“Obviously, our hearts are heavy this week,” Obama said at the start of his speech.
He then pivoted to an economic message, arguing that the country is better off than it was before he became president.
“We’ve made progress. We were losing 800,000 jobs a month. We’ve created jobs for the last 30 months,” Obama said.
When he did return to foreign policy, it was to pledge to keep the country’s military the strongest on Earth while winding down wars in Asia.
“After a decade of war, it’s time to do some nation-building right here, right here in Colorado,” he said.
An estimated 8,400 people attended the speech in a park below Golden’s mountain backdrop, the town’s fire marshal said.


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