faux noise “we just make shit up”

bat shit crazy by hip is everything
Fox News Warns Of Al Jazeera Infiltrating America, Activating Sleeper Cells
Source: TPM
A Fox News panel on Wednesday afternoon discussed Al Jazeera’s imminent arrival in the United States, warning viewers of the network’s “real anti-American bias” and its potential to interact with sleeper cells in Detroit.
The cautionary segment came during the afternoon program “America Live,” with host Megyn Kelly saying ominously that Al Jazeera, which has plans to launch a U.S.-based network, is “about to infilitrate America.”
But the discussion took a truly paranoid turn when Lisa Daftari, a Fox News contributor, sounded a frightening note on Al Jazeera’s planned expansion to Detroit, “a large ex-pat community of Muslim-Americans where sleeper cells have been detected,” as she described the Motor City.

faux noise


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