the lying kings

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congress sold by hip is everything

Reality Check For “Moderates” – Indisputable Visual Proof That The System is Rigged
by Ray Pensador
We live in a de facto Corporatocracy (Plutocracy) where corporatist cartel control all the levers of power, including the Republican and Democratic party establishments.
As much as the situation for the average U.S. citizen has deteriorated, it is getting worse by the day at a faster and faster pace.  The collusion between these
corporatist cartels and the puppet politicians of both parties is helping bring about an increasingly dystopian society for the majority of the population.It is true that because of the propagandist effects of a totally bought off mainstream media, some middle class people still believe that we live in a normal society where the rule of law applies equally to all.  But that is only an illusion; a lie some people have come to accept as the result of being exposed to the mind-numbing and incredibly harmful effects of the American mainstream media–the most effective and powerful propaganda machine the world has ever seen.

Think about that.  The top 20 percent owns 85 % of the country’s wealth, while the bottom 40 percent percent owns close to zero, as the middle class continues to be squeezed.  I understand that some “moderates” may want to wait until the top one percent owns almost 90 percent of the wealth to maybe start thinking that there may be a problem, but at that point it will be too late.  Unless people WAKE TFU, we will continue heading towards neo-feudalism at a faster and faster pace.

As workers’ productivity has skyrocketed, wages have remained stagnant for several decades.  This situation has pushed average people to take on debt, which puts them in a untenable lower-wage/higher-debt spiral.

The (unintended) damage so-called moderates do to societies when they refuse to acknowledge the obvious is incalculable.  Despots, tyrants and oppressors count on the complicity of the “moderates” in order to move their agenda forward.
If you are a moderate, please “repent” from your sins of apathy and wilful ignorance, and get on board with the resistance against the imposition of tyranny and oppression.
We live in a nation where doctors destroy health; lawyers destroy justice; universities destroy knowledge; governments destroy freedom; the press destroys information; religion destroys morals; and our banks destroy the economy.
Chris Hedges

Listen to what this man has to say, carefully; digest it, and wake up to the reality of the situation.  Some of the words may sound harsh to sensitive ears, but they are the truth nevertheless…
Corporatist cartels are killing democracy in this country.  Don’t be a contributing factor.  Let’s work together to oppose and resit, peacefully.

click the above pic for a great information resource for progressive activists …

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