mr. obama … where the fk are yer’ priorities at? … just wonderin’

i couldn’t put it any better myself, so …
here’s a posting from today’s democratic underground, from truedelphi …
obama syriaSo, Mr President, you state that the funds for this war already exist… Really?
I guess I wasn’t aware of the chump change you folks at the head of the government keep lying around.
Since you have such great gobs of funding, could you possibly send me back the campaign contribution that I made back in 2008? At the time, I couldn’t afford it, but I thought that getting some “Change” would be worth the Hopeful Investment of having you become President.
I realize that my campaign contribution is not exactly from the same set of funds that this war is from. So maybe you could note that the contribution was made? Then once out of office, when you start raking in the big bucks that are Quid Pro Quo for your letting the Oval Office help out the MIC-Surveillance Corporations and they start having you give speeches in front of corporate podiums, (I know and you know that you will be paid well then), so maybe then the money can come back to me with interest.
I can always Hope!, right?
Anyway, since the funds for this war are not a problem, maybe there are some other items we could find funding for.
Many households have endured setbacks the like of which have not been envisioned since the days of the Great Depression, and even John McCain might convince himself that a war we cannot even pay for now is not in our best interest.
Granted that sarin is a cruel and unusual punishment, but so is the “punishment” of having our jobs outsourced, having our schools shut down, our fire fighters laid off, etc. When budgets are cut back drastically on the state level, then jobs are lost.
When jobs are lost, people cannot keep up the payments on their homes and cars, and sometimes they are even going hungry. If you are dead from, say suicide, as some four people in my small community are, you are dead, and just as lifeless as if you have had sarin sprayed on you. Same goes for those whose death came about due to untreated illness.
The school budget for my local district was over 16 million three years ago – it has been cut to the bone this year with a budget of less than 10 million.
Today you explained that the funds exist for this war…
Really, Mr President? I thought that we as a nation were all so broke, that you know, austerity, and you know, cutbacks, and you know, forget about retiring at 65 you friggin’ suckers, because the Federal government needs our Social Security to pay off the Six trillions of dollars the last two wars cost the public.
Ten to twelve millions of America households have been foreclosed upon, some of whom were not even behind in payments! And much of the 50 billion dollar program that you have set up to provide homeowners with relief was not available to normal people, as bank officials and mortgage officials made it impossible for HAMP funding to happen, unless you had a Congress critter or two to help you navigate the situation.
But all of these problems can be swept aside, as we need to show the world all about our moral authority! I guess that is the one thing we still have in this nation that we had back in the 1950’s when I was a kid. We no longer have the decent educational system I enjoyed, we no longer have libraries that are open, we no longer have community hospitals that are about people’s health rather than profit, we no longer have jobs or a middle class, we no longer have our homes, (which I guess is good, because we no longer have fire fighters to protect those homes) BUT HELL’S BELL’S WE have OURSELVES some outstanding moral authority!


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