srsly dood??!?, did you really just say what I thought you said??

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Boehner: Obama, Senate To Blame For Least Productive Congress In Modern History
House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) on Wednesday blamed the White House and the Senate for what historians are calling the least productive Congress in recent times.
Boehner cited nearly 150 bills passed in the House, from rolling back federal regulations to expanding energy production and delaying the Obamacare individual mandate, that were spurned by the Senate.
“Every single one of these bills was blocked by Washington Democrats,” he said on the House floor. “The Senate and the President continue to stand in the way of the American people’s priorities. Now, we are trying to come to an agreement on the budget and the farm bill, among other issues.
“Chairman Ryan and Chairman Lucas have made serious, good-faith offers to Senate Democrats,” he continued. “When will they learn to say ‘yes’ to common ground?
When will they start listening to the American people?”
from talking points memo      read more here …
boehner lvl 99 douchebag by hip is everyrhhing
lvl 99 dbag by hip is everything

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