d-bag of the week … pictures, worth a lotta words eh?

d-bag of the week by hip is everything


megyn kelly


megyn kelly by hip is everything




faux noise


fox war on war on christmas by hip is everything

megan KKKelly and faux noise …
dreaming of a white christmas …
our d-bags of the week
we salute you!
and Merry KKKristmas ya’ d-bags !! …

hip is everything salute

running a close second though …

trump by hip is everythinganything to score some points with yer’ rightwing, low info, faux noise watching baggers and knuckle-dragging followers, eh dumpy? …
and, as to be expected from a blathering doucherocket such as yerself, what a classy thing to do to the family after this woman’s tragic death …
of course, the star struck entertainment media (baba wawa, pierced morgan, et al) and the crass and craven political media (wolf blitzkrieg at the codgers news network, andrea snitchell, joe scab and mr. fuck wad over at msnbc, ill hemmer, greta van cesspool, hannity the manatee, billo the clown and the faux and fiends boob squad at fox) will still continue to kiss this bloviating, lying, bigoted ass, give it a forum and refuse to ever challenge his constant self-aggrandizing, hate fuelled bullshit …
and the gop/tp will still seek his blessing and invite him to their conventions and events …


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