tears of impotent rage … thursday edition

BREAKING: U.S. Jobless Rate Falls to 6.1% (Lowest Since Sept. 2008), June Payrolls Rise 288,000

US Trade Deficit Falls 5.6% to $44.4 Billion as Exports Hit Record High

Dow Jones Industrial Average Rises Above 17,000 for First Time

Stocks close at all-time highs as hiring surges

Blocking Medicaid expansion will cost Florida 63,000 jobs

And the gop/TP response will be:
In 3, 2, 1 …
That damned Obama !!! …
Obama is Killing the economy with his leftist, liberal Socialism !!!
OMG! What will ever become of the poor job creators ?!?!
Obama’s destroying our country!
We must take back America !!!
Obama’s the worst president in history !!!
Obama’s trying to destroy America !!!

There, now you don’t have to bother with the news today …
Go watch the World Cup …
Or, go help out yer’ neighbor or something …
Enjoy yer’ long weekend …
Peace, and safe journeys …



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