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Double Amputee Veteran’s Wheelchair Breaks In Lowe’s, Workers Drop Everything To Fix It

The Huffington Post  | By Kimberly Yamsulsona

Michael Sulsona of Staten Island, New York, has not led an easy life. The former Marine lost both of his legs in the Vietnam War when he was 20 years old, according to WABC. Sulsona has since used a wheelchair.
Last Monday, his wheelchair broke in a Lowe’s store in Staten Island, and he found himself in a desperate situation. In a letter to Staten Island Advance, Sulsona wrote that three compassionate employees, David, Marcus, and Souleyman, sprung into action and placed him in a separate chair while they worked on repairing the wheelchair.
“The actions of these three employees at Lowe’s showed me there are some who still believe in stepping to the plate,” the veteran wrote.
Sulsona left the store filled with gratitude, and with a wheelchair that he says was “like new.” The veteran was especially moved by the employees’ actions, as he says he had been waiting for two years for a new wheelchair to be issued from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and that the agency told him that he is not eligible for a spare wheelchair.
However, after his experience at Lowe’s attracted national attention, Buzzfeed reported that the VA delivered a custom wheelchair to Sulsona on Tuesday.
“We were very sorry to hear about the reported circumstances surrounding Mr. Sulsona’s request for a new wheelchair,” a VA spokesperson told the outlet. “We quickly investigated and can report the veteran’s new custom wheelchair was delivered to him today and it along with his back up will be serviced by the VA as needed.”
While Sulsona is grateful for his new chair which he described as “incredible,” he prefers to focus on the Lowe’s employees who helped him.
This whole story is based around three good guys,” Sulsona told the Staten Island Advance. “I think it’s really important that we all be like these people who wanted to help me; things would be so much easier.”

Complete Strangers Photoshop A Picture Of An Infant To Help A Grieving Dad

The Huffington Post  | By Mandy Velez

A simple favor, turned into a beautiful act of Internet kindness for one dad on Reddit.
Nathen Steffel posted a photo of his infant daughter, Sophia, on the site with one request: “My daughter recently passed away after a long battle in the children’s hospital. Since she was in the hospital her whole life we never were able to get a photo without all her tubes. Can someone remove the tubes from this photo?”

He explained that Sophia passed away in Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital after suffering a hepatic hemangioma in her liver at just 6 weeks old.
What happened next stands as a testament that there really is good in this world. Users posted their photoshopped, painted or drawn portraits to the thread for the father to have.
(Story continues after photos)

Steffel loved all of the photos, but gained more than just images from the experience. “I was emotionally taken back by all the support and personal messages from families who shared a similar experience of grief,” he told The Huffington Post in an email.
Seeing his daughter without all of the equipment meant a great deal to him. “Although we cherish her real photos because that’s how she was,” he said.
The Redditors join a growing army of good samaritans hoping to help parents like the Steffels grieve a little easier. This past May, a man up-cycled a crib into a memory bench for a mother who had a stillborn son. Lisa Grubbs, founder of NICU Helping Hands, turns old wedding dresses into “Angel Gowns.” The organization “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep” provides free portraits to families who suffered through the loss of a baby.
Those gifts go a long way, especially for Steffel. He posted his gratitude on the Reddit thread:

This is really amazing. Everyone you have made my day. All I wanted was a nice picture. What I received was a lot of love and support from a bunch of strangers. A long with a lot of great photos, drawings and paintings. Thanks everyone!

He and his wife plan to hang up a few of their favorites.

Entire Community Shows Up To Child’s Piano Recital, Makes Him Feel Like Beethoven

The Huffington Post  | By Melissa McGlensey
An 8-year-old’s piano recital may not sound like the musical event of the summer, but for one community in Minnesota, it was exactly that.
On Saturday, Dylan Spoering’s front porch piano recital in Minneapolis drew hundreds of people, according to Fox 9 News. It all started when Dylan made posters for the performance he planned to hold on his front lawn, and a local musician named Thomas Rehbein saw the sign. Rehbein decided to make a Facebook page to encourage people to attend.
I have no idea who Dylan Spoering is, but he made this sign and put it out in his front yard, which I saw while biking home,” Rehbein wrote on the Facebook. “Wouldn’t it be cool if a bunch of people showed up for his free concert?”

Dylan with his homemade sign.

Despite bad weather and rain, around 400 people showed up to support Dylan, KARE 11 News reported.
The event was also streamed live online and nearly 10,000 people watched, according to Fox 9 News. The enthusiastic fans cheered Dylan on after he had finished the songs selected from his elementary school playbook, even demanding an encore from the delighted kid.
Many of the fans who flooded the lawn brought signs, some even proudly called themselves “Dylan Heads.”

All in all, it was an incredibly touching gesture by a community, and not a bad turn out for a child’s piano recital.
We’re looking forward to your next performance, Dylan!

When he makes music he goes by the name DJ Focus. He has taught himself how to build batteries, generators, and transmitters, all from parts he finds in the trash. He’s the youngest person ever to be invited to the M.I.T. Visiting Practitioners Program. His next goal is to build a windmill in his Sierra Leone community that will provide his neighbors with electricity.


7 Year-Old Raises Over $50,000 For His Best Friend’s Surgery With Lemonade Stand

Quinn Callander and Brayden Grozdanich, both seven years old, are inseparable. The best friends do everything together.
But Brayden has cerebral palsy and needs surgery to help him walk unassisted.

7 year old lemonade stand raise money
Credit: David Callander

Quinn wanted to raise money for his best friend’s surgery so they built a lemonade stand. The friends captured the hearts and minds of the local community and the boys quickly enjoyed widespread support.

boy raises money lemonade

Credit: YouTube

Then Quinn, with the help of his mother Heather Roney, set up an online fundraising page where he posted this heartfelt video plea.
As of July 14, the page has raised over $56,000 of their $20,000 goal. The surgery is not available in Canada so the money will also cover expenses for the trip to the United States.



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