one of science’s greatest mysteries finally explained

A step-by-step guide to the gravity-defying Donald Trump comb over

By Nick Mcdermott And Stuart Nicolson for MailOnline
trump graphic 1.jpgdonald trump
What’s the difference between an astronaut and Donald Trump’s hairdo?
One defies the law of gravity, the other’s a spaceman …

Over the years we’ve had our share of great British comb overs  –  Arthur Scargill and Bobby Charlton to name but two.
But both men would have to doff their cap to the astonishing coiffure of American billionaire Donald Trump.
Rather than invest any of his considerable fortune in a transplant or wig, the 61-year-old property magnate insists on using a series of elaborate measures to plaster strands of hair across his balding pate.
Occasionally, however, it comes unstuck  –  notably this week when faced with the insistent breeze on the Isle of Lewis, where he was visiting his mother’s former home.
Here, the Daily Mail shows how to achieve the Trump look … in the unlikely event that anyone would want to emulate it.
Gone with the wind: Tycoon Donald Trump suffers a bad hair moment
on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland

Read more: at the daily mail


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