and the winner is …

…  in the current moment, the right to privacy and freedom have been usurped by the seductions of a narcissistic culture and casino capitalism’s unending desire to turn every relationship into an act of commerce and to make all aspects of daily life subject to market forces under watchful eyes of both government and corporate regimes of surveillance.” … H. Giroux

While it’s easy to attribute the Huxley frame to the current state of affairs, Henry Giroux reminds us not to discount the Orwellian aspects.
We actually have both. The Orwellian vision is most closely tied to neoliberalism:
“As the claims and promises of a neoliberal utopia have been transformed into an Orwellian and Dickensian nightmare, the United States continues to succumb to the pathologies of political corruption, the redistribution of wealth upward into the hands of the 1 percent, the rise of the surveillance state, and the use of the criminal justice system as a way of dealing with social problems. At the same time, Orwell’s dark fantasy of an authoritarian future continues without enough massive opposition as students, low income, and poor minority youth are exposed to a low intensity war in which they are held hostage to a neoliberal discourse that translates systemic issues into problems of individual responsibility. This individualization of the social is one of the most powerful ideological weapons used by the current authoritarian regime and must be challenged.”
Huxley’s vision has largely come to pass, while there’s plenty more Orwell to be deployed in addition to what we already have in the form of NSA, militarized police forces, data collection, piss tests for employment, etc. …
if you’re interested in any of this, you might want to read :
Orwell, Huxley and America’s Plunge into Authoritarianism
click here …


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