happy freaking whatever from the chimp and i


for the next couple of weeks, there will be no politics, no lying politicians, no more talk of war and no more ranting, opining or yelling …
well, unless something really asinine and amazing goes down, then, I can’t be held responsible for any stuff that I might say or do … just sayin’ …
no more trump, carson, hillary, bernie, baggers, naggers, bleaters or cheaters …
no more left and right, war and peace, 1% v. 99%, middle class v. the no-class, haves v. the have nots or anything to do with anyone that even remotely resembles sarah frign palin or carly fiorfuckingrina …
instead, we’re just gonna have a nice, feel good, everybody’s welcome, warm and freaking fuzzy kinda christmas, and highlight what’s right in this mean old world … or at least try to … lol …
so “merry christmas”, “happy holidays”, “happy hanukkah”, “season’s greetings”, “joyeux noël”, “gesëende kersfees”, “nollaig shona dhuit”, “buon natale”, “feliz navidad”, “sung tan chuk ha” or “have a rockin’ fuckin’ kwanzaa bro” … pick one ya’ like,  as long as what is meant is “have a peaceful and happy time my friend” …whatever you and yours happen to celebrate this time of year … to everyone! … enjoy … spread a little peace and good will and have a great holiday … peace   Peace
and as always, safe journeys, one and all …


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