d-bag alert

d-bag alert by hip is everything

Alabama: Governor Signs Bill Prohibiting Cities and Counties From Raising Minimum Wage
The bill negates a wage increase in Birmingham, approved Tuesday, to $10.10 per hour from the $7.25 federal minimum …
Alabama has no state minimum wage …
Exactly what are Republicans talking about when they say things like “the will of the people?” …
Ooohhhhh! That’s right, Citizens United “people” …
“The Alabama bill is the latest effort by a Republican-controlled state to preempt progressive legislation passed by cities …
Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, and Indiana have already banned local minimum wage increases, and other red states are considering proposals to do so …
Wisconsin and other states have banned cities from requiring paid sick leave …
After residents of Denton, Texas, voted to ban fracking in the city, the state, pushed by industry lobbyists, banned a broad range of efforts to regulate the oil and gas industry.”
Welcome to your future with the GOP kids ..


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