the bitch is back …

jan brewer by hip is everythingFormer Arizona Gov. and full time Shar Pei Jan Brewer on Saturday endorsed Donald Trump
Okay kids it’s bat shit crazy time over in Doucherocket Junction …
As the farthest right demagogues and bloviators race to get their hatin’ assclown selves on board the Trump Crazy Train for it’s descent into vile, bile and pure putridity, the latest fool for the money, d-bag xenophobe, Jan ‘may I see yer’ papers please’ Brewer, adds her name to a list already populated by some of the vilest, most ignorant, self-entitled purveyors of fear and loathing the country has to offer (only fools believe)… just days after David Duke (he of KKK and punch Geraldo in the nose fame) signed on, the always wrinkled and hateful Ms Brewer tossed her name on the pile of human excrement known as ‘the Trump supporters’, or as I prefer to call ‘em the ‘Hatey Bunch’ …
Trump has made immigration a central issue in his campaign for president, vowing to build a wall along the southern border of the United States and promising to have Mexico pay for it …
“For years I pleaded with the federal government to do their job and secure our border. Today, we can elect a President who will do just that — Donald J. Trump,” Brewer said in a statement released by Trump’s campaign …
Brewer, 71, was governor of Arizona from 2009-2015. Her endorsement follows those of Maine Gov. Paul LePage and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie this week.  Read more: HERE …

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