dumpster diving with donnie


Donald Trump’s campaign manager was charged with misdemeanor battery against a journalist Tuesday, an accusation the Republican presidential front-runner said was meritless.
Campaign manager Corey Lewandowski grabbed the arm of a reporter for the conservative website Breitbart at an event in Florida on March 8 as she tried to question the candidate, according to police.
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You can be certain that countless Trump supporters will immediately argue that the legal bar for battery is “set too low”, that Fields is secretly a liberal media member, that the video is inconclusive, that she was somehow “asking for it”, that people need to “toughen up” and that Democrat ‘troublemaker’ did something worse.
You can also be certain that Trump himself will make it very clear that the statement from his campaign wasn’t reviewed or approved by him personally once it becomes obvious how ridiculous that statement is.
Let the cognitive dissonance, defensiveness and general stupidity begin.
The Trump campaign is a classy bunch. One of this guy’s lawyers is a former U.S. Attorney who was forced to resign because he bit a stripper. You can’t make this stuff up..

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