a new low … even for the dongald


Republican front-runner Donald Trump decided a visit to New York would be a good time to try out his comedy routine by delivering a stunningly tasteless joke at the expense of a man who had been recently killed nearby by New York police.
In a performance that recalled the time he mocked a physically disabled reporter, Trump cast his arch-nemesis Mitt Romney in the role of police brutality victim Eric Garner because, as Trump tells it, both were known for “choking.”…
The moment stunned reporters on scene, but what was perhaps even more surprising was the response Trump got from his fans. Rather than find the idea of aping the words of a man who recently died just a few miles away repulsive, the crowd of Trump-heads roared with laughter. The mockery was the funniest thing they had ever seen.
Like every offensive thing Trump does, this may have been a finely-tuned tactical maneuver. For many in New York, the story of Eric Garner’s senseless death is still raw and infuriating, but the small but vocal Fox News crowd has always taken a different opinion on it. In the aftermath of Garner’s death, Fox repeatedly booked guests who pushed the idea that Garner deserved it.

i hope when all this shit is over, his brand is so damaged he has to live under a fucking bridge …
Fuck you donald trump … you and your followers are beyond contemptible …
Stay classy Trumpophiles …
And this guy aspires to be the leader of the free world?? …
Unbelievable … And we thought Romney was bad!!
I can’t wait until Trump takes his tiny little hands and packs off for parts unknown after a landslide of historical proportions ends this whole “a-hole 4 prez” thing he’s got going …


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