from the convention – night 4 – oh the doom! oh the gloom! oh woe is us!

okay, that was a shitload o’ fear mongering …
and the lies, oh the lies …
I swear to God the man possum’s gunna drop trou and take a dump on stage, all the while screaming “OBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” before this is all over (think “KHAAAAAAAAN!” from The Wrath of Khan) …
May even get our first ‘N’ words of the season by an major party candidate when it all goes down …
And I gotta say, I’ve never heard anyone yell their entire speech before … Impressive …
And at 1 hour and 14 minutes, Fuck Me Mabel, that’s a frickin’ pile o’ yellin’, even for a tiny handed narcissist like the Vacuous Vermillionaire ..…
At one point Chucky Sleaze was getting so red I thought we might have our first major medical emergency from the convention, but nah, it was just racially motivated rage and vacuous bloviating …


H.W. Speechwriter: ‘Very Dark And Frightening’ … Speech Riddled With Inaccuracies …
Garry Kasparov: Sounded Straight Out Of Russia … David Duke: ‘Couldn’t Have Said It
Better!’ …
 Andrew Sullivan: ‘Massive Lies And Distortions, Crammed With Incoherence’ …
Republicans Have Made A World-Historical Mistake … Republicans Mourn The Death Of
The Grand Old Party
’Irish Wake’ For GOP On Night Of Trump Speech

and also on the menu this evening …
CRUZ DEFIANT: I’m Not A ‘Servile Puppy Dog’
Trump Shoots Back: Cruz’s ‘Endorsement Doesn’t Mean Anything’
Trump Tries To Trick Americans Into Believing Crime Is Spiking
Trump Delegate Booted From RNC Over Racist Facebook Post About Cops Killing N-Words
Nicole Wallace- The Party died in this room tonight
Donald Trump Delivers Dark, Fear-Mongering RNC Speech

Here are some uncomfortable truths the Republicans don’t want to admit:
1. Donald Trump is not the wonderful, benevolent man you saw on the scripted and heavily edited Celebrity Apprentice. The reality is that he is the crass, classless sociopathic, pathological liar and boorish loudmouth who is now your presidential candidate.
2. Donald Trump is the result of 30+ years of the fear mongering, gloom-and-doom, holier-than-thou messaging that the GOP have been promulgating. This is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. Deal with it.
3. Last time I checked, the order of priorities was supposed to be God, Country, Party. They know that everything Trump says & does is repulsive but they’ll never admit it because for them, it’s always “Party First” with everything and everyone else coming in a distant second. 
4. They’ll mouth all of the right words (depending on how the wind blows), but will never do the right thing and repudiate this moron. Despite their protestations to the contrary, they don’t have the courage of their convictions. (When in doubt, please refer to item 3 above.)

Note to Marco Rubio, John Kasich, and the rest of the Faux Outrage crowd: Trump is exposing the inherent racism that exists in your party. You all have incubated it for decades, so you deserve Donald Trump. (source unknown)


deal …

stay classy guys, stay classy … <faceplant – lvl 99)

*** Best Response to Trump’s Speech: “I had no idea that we lived in Gotham City with marauding gangs everywhere, and that we needed a caped billionaire vigilante to come and straighten things out the tough way.” – Mike Murphy


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