5 alarm liar

liar‘America One Of The Highest-Taxed Nations’… Wrong…

Crime Rate Is Soaring… Wrong…

Obama To Blame For Poor Infrastructure… Investments Blocked By GOP…

And 2.1 Million  Unemployed Latinos… Way Off…

America Marred By ‘Chaos’ At Home And ‘Weakness’ Abroad… ‘Not Only Factually False… A Wildly Distorted View Of All The Nation Stands For’…

Trump Defends Oswald Claim Donald Trump doubled down on his baseless insinuation that a photograph published by the National Enquirer shows Ted Cruz’s father with “crazy Lee Harvey Oswald.”
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Fact Checking Trump’s Big Speech The GOP nominee promises ‘no lies,’ but twists facts on taxes, crime, foreign affairs and more.
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Trump ‘Recommended’ Ohio for Convention? Donald Trump said he “recommended” that the Republican National Convention be held in Ohio. But Trump announced his campaign for president nearly one year after Cleveland was selected.
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Trump Oversells Pence’s Record Donald Trump introduced Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate July 16, but, in doing so, oversold Indiana’s economic performance under Pence.
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Trump’s Baseless Assimilation Claim Donald Trump made a baseless claim that assimilation among Muslim immigrants in the U.S. is “pretty close” to “nonexistent.” The Pew Research Center conducted surveys in 2011 and concluded that “Muslim Americans appear to be highly assimilated.”
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Trump’s ISIS Conspiracy Theory Donald Trump said a report on a conservative news site proved he was “right” in suggesting President Obama supported terrorists. It doesn’t.
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Trump’s Dubious Drought Claims Donald Trump suggests “there is no drought” in California because the state has “plenty of water.” He promises “to start opening up the water,” and he says he’ll “get it done quick.” But there is a drought, and we explain why there is no “quick” solution.
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