bungle in the jungle … again

it’s hard to do good work in a fever swamp …
this is what happens when you trust your translations to Google …
nope … even Google Translate gives me “Hispanos por Trump” …
Now, that’s fucking lazy …
Google Translate is literally the least amount of effort anyone could put into this …
even freaking Babelfish gives you “Hispanos de Trump” ..
the Latino outreach is going as expected … sigh …
wtg! gop … way to watch the details …

Convention bungles ‘Hispanics for Trump’ sign

Signs seen being waved at the convention — presumably passed out along with other placards — read “Hispanics para Trump.”
Not only did the text not translate “Hispanics” to “Hispanos,” it also used “para” instead of “por.”
The two words — which both denote various meanings of the word “for” — are easily mixed up and a common point of frustration for those learning the language..



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