american distress

length of speech – 75 minutes
time spent fear mongering,  – 100%
number of times violence mentioned – 11
number of times immigration mentioned – 8
minutes spent on actual policy? … ZERO! … Priceless!


and now, we have the latest homage to Cheetoh Boy the Velveeta Racoon, brought to you by, who the fuck else, the Dongald … some serious narcissm and insecurity goin’ on here guys …whoa … smh …
no one but a this self aggrandizing egomaniac would even mention these statistics …
is this Mr. Tinyhands McLiarson’s idea of a serious accomplishment? …
spew a shitload of incredibly vague BS about ‘making America great again’, rarely if ever putting forward any specifics …
and when he does get attempt to get ‘specific’ it tends to be idiotic proposals like discounting our debt to China and possibly throwing the world credit markets into complete turmoil, or stopping to see if a country meets his standards for giving proper adoration to America before we decide to honor treaty obligations …
you do not make Trump president for the same reason you do not let small children play with hand grenades …


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