from the dnc convention … night 1

After an afternoon of convention floor wrangling, arguments over the party’s platform and general jostling and yelling by the Bernie peeps, along with a fairly constant stream of big head tv pundits doing their best to stir up some controversy for a little better ratings, the dnc kicked off it’s convention in Philly …
It’s just “Not much to see here folks, just move along” until ex-SNL writer/performer turned junior United States Senator from Minnesota Al Franken took to the podium …sometimes funny, always dead on, Al showed why the peeps of Minnesota love him … from then on it pretty much rolled along like a well oiled machine, very much the  opposite of last week’s RNC Shitshowalooza in Cleveland (Scott fucking Baio??? are you kidding me?? … jesus, lolol) … a personal fave of mine Sarah Silverman got the ball rolling when she told the ‘bernie or bust’ crowd ‘You’re being ridiculous’ … perfectly timed and absolutely correct, it seemed to be a huge hit with the vast majority of those in attendance … I love Bernie, and he dragged the party to the left more than anyone before him, and it neede to be dragged there, but, doods and doodettes, yer boy lost, now get it together and stop the Dongald …changing democracy takes time, take what ya’ learned and achieved this time and roll it into the next election … actually make yer’ ‘movement’ a movement … that’s how change happens sanely … and yer’ job will be WAY! harder, if even possible if you let Benito Trumpolini grab and address on Pennsylvania Avenue … plus he’ll just fuck up a pretty tastefully decorated building wit a whole shit ton of gold leaf, carved velvet wallpaper, pictures of himself, and fake flower holding golden cherubs mounted everywhere … Eva Longoria, much to my surprise (only because I am totally unfamiliar with her work) was awesome and carved up the Dongald with grace and class … Even though I still have no real idea what she does for a living, I am now a huge fan of her personally … Cory Booker was a mic drop moment that lasted several minutes … his speech took me back to when a young Barack Obama brought the house down from a DNC main stage a couple of cycles ago … and Elizabeth Warren was a star, as usual as far as I’m concerned … I believe that she alone will take apart the Vermillion Raccoon all by herself between now and election day … the Big Dog, Joe Biden, Barack, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie, Michelle and a cast of many more are just surplus icing on the cake when it comes to surrogates … and the Dumpster has who? … Paul ‘Vladdy” Manafort and 4 or 5 Robert Palmer video girls who all look like they are auditioning for the center spot on Faux and friends … you know, low tops, high skirts and heavily made up, angry, pouty duck faces eternally plastered on while they spew the Trump talking points of the day … did I mention vacuous? … if I didn’t I should have … for me though it was Mrs. Obama who stole the show … elegance, eloquence, heart, class, dignity, smarts, toughness and great freaking arms! … how can ya’ not love this lady? … even Bernie himself delivered a sterling performance … it may have started a little self centered and slow, but he hit his stride pretty quickly and then it was pure Bernie mojo in the house …
After watching last week’s Donnie Darko meets Dr. Strangelove Shit Slingin’ Show from Cleveland, I gotta say, it’s nice to watch an evening of politics and not immediately feel the need to shower and scrub … I’m still a little raw from last week’s scrubbing … if I was Cheetoh Boy I’d be a little worried about the wave of decency, literacy and intelligence about to slam into me … just sayin’ … I sense a lot of anger, pouting and tiny handed tweeting about to happen … take it away Don the Con, you orange skinned, urine-colored-ferret wearing prick …


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