BREAKING…the Dongald leaks intel reports

thx 2 Doodley for this … lol …
Trump Leaks His Own Intelligence Briefings Documents: Wow! This is serious stuff!

It seems that somebody (probably Trump) has put his intelligence briefings on the internet. It looks like these briefings were specially prepared for Trump to make them easy to understand. This is unbelievable! Here they are:

and then the internet arrived …

rurallib: He will outsource this work to russia and have it done shortly
tclambert: Okay, look, I prefer the question: What rhymes with great? … And the answer is me, Donald J. Trump. No, it’s true. I’m hearing it. All over. Lots of people are saying it. And you know what else? The Wall. It will be a great wall, believe me. The greatest. Even better than that one I heard about in the Throne Game. They had a wall, what, 700 feet tall? Ours’ll be 800. Yuge. And theirs was made of ice, right? So don’t tell me about global warming. Ours won’t be ice. Ours will be concrete with steel things in it, and magic spells built into it so no one can climb over. That’ll be great. The best. And just like that, illegal immigration solved.
Saviolo: Listen, I have tremendous answers to these questions, okay? You believe it, I’ve got the best answers. And you know, there are real problems here, some of these questions are real problems, here and we’re just going to keep looking at this until we figure out what’s going on. I have so many friends of mine, and they just call me and say “Thank you, thank you so much for figuring out this problem.” and I have-, listen… We’re under attack, okay? And there’s a tremendous problem, and all of these questions, I’m the only one who’s asking about these questions and who’s got answers to these questions, they’re just the best answers. You better believe it!
packman: You know, I hate posters that don’t give the answers to quizzes like this. ?????
jberryhill: I have an objection to Question 7 … Unless the answer is “Spongebob”, I don’t know what that shape is called. Am I supposed to give it a name? Like “Jimmy” or something?


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