and now for something completely different …

I found this new site while wandering the Interwebz …
It’s called Waterford Whispers News
I have no idea who writes their stuff, but, so far, lovin’ it …
Here’s a sample from their ‘Lifestyles’ section … enjoy … =)


Your Kids Say They’re Off To An S&M Club, But Where Are They Really Going?
IT’S every parent’s worst nightmare… as far as you’re concerned, your teenage son is safely tied to a wall in a hardcore fetish dungeon in town, getting kicked in the balls by a Latvian transvestite, and your daughter is doing Ketamine with four men she met on the internet. But are they? Are they really? Or are these just the things that teenagers tell their parents to pacify them, while they sneak off to do something else entirely? WWN investigates.
“From the day they were born, we more or less let our precious little boys do whatever they wanted,” James Hennegan, a Waterford father of 16-year-old twins told us.
“We found them watching hardcore pornography on their computer when they were nine, and we just left them to it. We didn’t want to hamper their creative minds. They started doing coke at 11 and you can’t really say anything, if all the other kids are doing it. You don’t want your child to be the one child who doesn’t snort class-A drugs from a prostitute’s labia. But lately, our boys have been telling us that they’re going to a local brothel on Friday nights, but they haven’t had to go to the clinic in months. I wish they would just tell us the truth”.
More and more parents are finding that a lifetime of letting their kids do whatever they want has not given them the results they had hoped for, with many of the new generation turning to ever-more extreme forms of sexual experimentation and rampant drug use instead of being normal, well-adjusted members of society.
“Like any parent, I just wanted to be my daughter’s friend first, mother second,” said Connie Molloy, whose 17-year-old daughter said she was going to a rave in the woods but may not have actually gone.
“I never criticized her, or punished her when she was naughty, I bought her everything she asked for and had the charges quashed when she blinded that nightclub toilet attendant with a broken bottle last year. I thought she’d just always be able to talk to me about what she was doing in life, like we were best pals. Instead, fuck knows where she goes at night”.

here’s a couple other headlines from the site …

Donald Trump Emails HACKED After Hackers Use ‘IvankaBangMyDaughter’ Password



IN an embarrassing turn of events, US presidential nominee Donald Trump has had his private emails hacked, shortly after requesting that Russia hack into the email accounts of his political opponents. Not content with encouraging disharmony in the America by asking the public to embrace hatred, fear and ignorance, Trump urged Russian intelligence services to… Read more »

Theresa May Turns To Brother For Advice On Brexit



NEWLY-elected British prime minister Theresa May, finding herself at a loss as to what to do about the whole Brexit situation, has requested advice from her brother Brian, lead guitarist of popular rock group Queen. May, who was a vocal supporter for the Leave campaign, is expected to ask May, who was a vocal supporter… Read more »


Ireland’s Last Remaining Goth Passes Away



GRIEF stricken mourners took to the area outside the Central Bank in Dublin’s city centre to pay their respects to Ireland’s last remaining goth. The dwindling goth population in Ireland now stands at zero following the passing of Síofra Hanratty, a 14-year-old Dublin native with a love of all things miserable and black. “I went… Read more »


Heartwarming! Angelina Jolie Offers Jennifer Aniston One Of Her Spare Kids



IN an effort to heal wounds from the past, Hollywood star Angelina Jolie made the kind gesture to donate one of her spare children to actress Jennifer Aniston following a media appeal which has lasted 20 years. “We’ve got loads going spare, let’s see, she can have Greenleaf or Saatchmo, at least I think we… Read more »


anyways, go check ‘em out …


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