face it america, they’re just not that into you

The next time you hear a GOP congress critter or senator railing on about how their focus is on the ‘American people’ change the channel, they’re lying, plain and simple
Want some proof? …
With the Zika virus headed northwards these fuckers are still trying to restrict contraception, kill Obamacare, un-regulate pesticides and get the Rebel flag back up on some more flag poles … and if they can’t, then fuck the American people, they can fend for themselves … these grifters and cretins need to be swept out of office in November … the GOP, taking America back to the good old days … the 1860’s …

WASHINGTON ― Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell delivered a letter to key lawmakers on Wednesday that explained exactly how their underfunded response to the Zika virus is screwing Americans over.
President Barack Obama asked Congress for $1.9 billion in February to deal with the impending outbreak of Zika in the United States. Congress finally began working on the request in May, with the Senate passing a bipartisan compromise that was about $800 million short.
The bill got tanked in a partisan squabble last month after Republicans decided to add in contraception restrictions, a pro-Confederate flag provision, extra cuts to Obamacare, and a measure to exempt pesticides from the Clean Water Act, even though those pesticides don’t target Zika-carrying mosquitoes.
They then departed for a seven-week break while sending a sternly worded letter to Obama, saying he should take aggressive action to battle Zika using the $589 million the administration transferred from other programs, taken primarily from the ongoing Ebola response. read entire article here …


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