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How shocking, a trumpanzee flinging shit …
Blogging about the last 3 presidential election cycles the conversation at our house was filled with a lot of “wow, this is pretty fucked up … no way it can get any lower” statements … and then the following cycle it was a lot of “really?? … I didn’t believe that they could go any lower than last cycle” … and last time, the same … now, I don’t even suppose to ponder whether the discourse from the right can get any lower and more hateful, because every single fucking day I wake up to a one-upping of the bat shit crazies by the Trumpster and his sycophants …
it just gets more unbelievable, more toxic, more desperate … and one of the worst of the worst, Hannity the Manatee, took to the airwaves yesterday with his usual bigotry and vile presence to work up some poutrage and foaming for his sheeple viewers … and he had his old pal, fellow bigot and faux Christian from way back, Shat Buchanan … together, the doucherocket brigade decided that the whole Trump/Khan family spat needed to be continued and ramped up …

Hannity Suggests GOP Surrogates Should Smear Khizr Khan On Trump’s Behalf
Sean Hannity is “a little sick and tired” of Republicans criticizing his man Donald Trump. Instead of attacking Trump, Hannity suggested they should be smearing the Gold Star Khan family. “There’s a lot of controversial findings that I’ve dug up about Mr. Khan,” Hannity said.
As even Fox News has acknowledged, the Trump campaign is reeling after a mistake-filled week that included Trump’s shocking attacks on Khizr and Ghazala Khan, the Muslim immigrants whose war-hero son was killed in Iraq. That, and other mistakes have caused prominent Republicans like Paul Ryan and John McCain to blast Trump. That, in turn, prompted Trump to go after Ryan and McCain.
Now several Republicans have publicly announced they’ll support Hillary Clinton over Trump.
So Trump-loving Hannity got together with one of his favorite bigots, Pat Buchanan, to discuss the matter.
“I’m getting a little sick and tired of the Lindsey Grahams, the McCains, the Paul Ryans,” Hannity complained. “I’ll even take it a step further. I really believe they have been sabotaging, in many ways, Trump’s campaign. I’m not saying Donald Trump doesn’t make mistakes. Nobody’s perfect. But with that said, they’re more critical of Trump than they’ve ever been against the Obama agenda or Hillary Clinton devoting a full night to Black Lives Matter at the convention, the most radical Democratic Party platform in history. And I’m getting a little frustrated. Are you?”
“I understand that,” Buchanan said. But he also admonished Trump for having been “distracted by these peripheral problems” and urged him to “keep your eyes on the prize.”
But, Hannity asked, “What do you do when something like this Mr. Khan comes up?”
Buchanan said Trump should have merely told Khan that his son was a patriot who died for his country, expressed regret for their differing views and not engaged him.
But then Buchanan suggested “others” should find ways to smear Khan. And Hannity seemed all in.

BUCHANAN: But others can engage him and others can do the investigation. Again, we got the prize fighter. You don’t use him to fight bar fights. He’s in the main fight, Sean.

HANNITY: Yeah, and you know, I think that’s really good advice. He does have surrogates. There’s a lot of  controversial findings that I’ve dug up about Mr. Khan and others.

In concert with Trump, Hannity has been making his own bigoted attacks on Khan, suggesting that he’s more sympathetic to Muslim immigrants than to Americans. Clearly, he was eager to keep it up.   from Newshounds … 
also worth the read …
Hannity Makes His Own Bigoted Attack On Gold Star Father Khizr Khan


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