all fonts matter

Terry Vaught’s letter writing is yuuuge. He has the best words! …
The Floridian channeled his inner Donald Trump in his letter to the editor of the Tampa Bay Times … The letter came to the attention of media blogger Jim Romenesko on Sunday. He shared a photo of it on Facebook and it’s now going viral. When contacted by the newspaper for a follow-up interview, Vaught said he was “disappointed” that part of the letter had actually been edited … “I also wrote, ‘My letters are so great I’m going to build a wall and put my letters on them. Then I’ll get the other letter writers to pay for building the wall.’ …
from huffpo


NOTE: And people, remember that all fonts matter – including white fonts, and blue fonts …
And that printing the letter in black font is simply reverse racism, and it’s all due to the political correctness of the liberal media … You gotta admit that those fonts really do pop out against the white base! …
And if any of these fonts feel harassed, they should just quit being a font and find another job … “These letters are such winners that you’re going to get sick and tired of seeing them winning … believe me!” … “Making letter writing great again!!!!” …
“I know all the best words and I know more about the military than the generals and more about religion than the pope … My mom says I’m cool…”
Although this writing is great the wife likes to copy from other writers (because she did not graduate from college) … Besides when I’m through using her to try to cover my mistakes I’m going to get rid of her, just like all my other wives … I mean, she’s already 46 years old, and I don’t need to be seen with an old woman on my arm …’10’s’ only for this dude! … Then I will write the biggest and best tell all book in history, and I’ll call it ‘The Fart of a Seal’ … And remember people, writing letters with these small fingers is no tiny feat … and speaking of feet, don’t even start me on my feet! …


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