arrgghh, the stupid, it burns

just watched the Trump speech on the economy …
it was like listening to a nine year old on copious amounts of whiskey explain string theory …
he never finishes a sentence, never fleshes out an idea, never does anything other than generalize and drop a couple of Frank Lunts/Sean Hannity “talking points” … never any solutions, only finger pointing … it’s like listening to a Palinesque word salad at best, and total fucking gibberish with a few lies thrown in for effect at worst (my money’s on ‘at worst’) … I don’t know about you, but I think it would be kinda cool to have a president that had at least a basic understanding of grammar … just sayin’ … plus, even worse than the dumpster trying to sound bright is that it was the same old ‘tax breaks for the rich and fuck the middle class’ shit that the gop has been trying to peddle for decades … oh yeah, and let’s not forget the old ‘get rid of all regulations’ mantra …because who needs rules when Donnie and his pals are doing biz …


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