splittin’ the cheetoh vote

k, this is semi-interesting … way too late to really amount to anything much, and too late to get on the ballet in at least 25 states, but, hey, if he does well in 1 or 2 states the the Dumpster is strong in, then, mission accomplished I guess … this is not a run for the white house, this is meant to do nothing more than trip up Trump … good luck, may God speed dude! …I guess that between the letter from the 50 GOP security pros and this, it’s safe to speculate that they’re just not that into you Donnie …

Anti-Trump Republican Evan McMullin to launch independent bid for presidency
Evan McMullin, the chief policy director for Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives, will offer discontented members of his party an option this November by launching an independent, conservative bid for president.
more here …


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