gop to america ‘facts schmacts!”

the only reason Trump is doing so badly in the polls is because more people plan to vote against him and for Hillary … It’s clearly rigged based on how people plan to vote … That’s not fair for someone who claims to be the greatest winner who will make people get tired of winning because he wins so much …

here we go again kids …
for the last year ALL we ever heard from the Dumpster was about his poll results …
how amazing they were, how incredible he is …
now, the real polls are starting to show up and suddenly “the polls are all wrong”, “the polls are rigged”, “the librul media is screwing with the numbers” …
we’ve seen this story before … remember KKKarl Rove losing his mind with his “the polls are wrong” on election night 2012 and refusing to believe the polls of his own network? …
remember too that Mittens Rmoney and his binders full o’ women were left to scramble to get together a concession speech at the last minute because they were so in the right wing bubble ‘’o’ lies that they too believed the faux news propaganda …
well, like I said, here we go again …
the Trump team has already begun it’s list of excuses for it’s sheeple in preparation for his upcoming loss,  with his cries of electoral foul play and librul media lying …
The more I watch the electoral maps squeeze out the Dongald the more I smell a blowout coming for Hillary … shit’s about to get ugly on the right …send the kids away from the tv and grab the popcorn and Jack Daniels … – The Polls Aren’t Skewed: Trump Really Is Losing Badly

We’ve reached that stage of the campaign. The back-to-school commercials are on the air, and the “unskewing” of polls has begun — the quadrennial exercise in which partisans simply adjust the polls to get results more to their liking, usually with a thin sheen of math-y words to make it all sound like rigorous analysis instead of magical thinking.
If any of this sounds familiar — and if I sound a little exasperated — it’s probably because we went through this four years ago. Remember (The website is defunct, but you can view an archived picture of it here.) The main contention of that site and others like it was that the polls had too many Democratic respondents in their samples. Dean Chambers, who ran the site, regularly wrote that the polls were vastly undercounting independents and should have used a higher proportion of Republicans in their samples. But in the end, the polls underestimated President Obama’s margin.
Now the unskewers are back, again insisting that pollsters are “using” more Democrats than they should, and that the percentage of Democrats and Republicans should be equal, or that there should be more Republicans. They point to surveys like the recent one from ABC News and The Washington Post, in which 33 percent of registered voters identified as Democrats compared to 27 percent as Republicans. That poll found Hillary Clinton ahead by 8 percentage points.
But let’s say this plainly: The polls are not “skewed.” They weren’t in 2012, and they aren’t now.
more here …

Vox published a comprehensive listing of the newest polls last week, reporting that: “The presidential race may have reached a turning point, as a new group of polls shows Hillary Clinton clobbering Donald Trump nationally and in swing states.”

  • A McClatchy-Marist poll  released last Thursday shows Clinton ahead by 15 points – her greatest polled lead – with 48% to 33%.
  • A national Fox News poll released last Wednesday shows Clinton beating Trump by a margin of 10 points, 49% to 39%;
  • A Franklin & Marshall poll shows Trump trailing Clinton by 11 points, 49% to 38%. As Vox reports, Pennsylvania is “a state most observers believe is a must-win for Trump.”
  • A Suffolk poll “found Clinton ahead of Trump in a head-to-head matchup by 6 points” in Florida, “which is even more of a must-win state for Trump,” according to Vox.
  • WBUR’s new poll shows Clinton leading Trump 47% to 32% in New Hampshire, another important swing state that was recently thought to be close.
  • Detroit News and WDIV-TV reports that Clinton leads Trump 41% to 32% in Michigan, “traditionally a Democratic state, but one the Trump campaign had fantasized about winning as part of a ‘Rust Belt’ strategy.”

Today’s electoral map …


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