the dumpster fire chronicles … part 879 – another day, another disaster

I’m not a fan of Mr. Scarborough, in fact quite the opposite most days … It’s long been my position that Joe will kiss any ass, exaggerate any situation, and pretty much polish any turd to get his Repug buddies elected …and he has never let me down in my opinion … And this time, with his letter denouncing Trump, I’m afraid that Joe is just trying to have it both ways … I would say ‘way to go on the letter Joe’ if it weren’t for the indisputable fact that a whole yuuge chunk of the Dumpster’s success is owed to you … Joe, you fawned over Trump for months and were among his most annoying and consistent apologists, not to mention the constant free advertising you did by allowing him to do his never-ending ‘call-ins’ so he could espouse his ignorant, bigoted values, never bothering to question any of it, factually, or philosophically, so while I’m really glad that you are walking away from Trump, let’s all just cut the shit here and call it what it is Joe … self preservation by you, and NOTHING more … that and the polls which are quickly becoming comic fodder and meme bait … But, either way Joe, yer’ right on this one, Trump must go if the GOP wanna survive past November 8th …oh wait, nvm … bye GOP! … cyas! … gg no re scrubs …

The GOP must dump Trump
The Muslim ban, the David Duke denial, the “Mexican” judge flap, the draft dodger denigrating John McCain’s military service, the son of privilege attacking an immigrant Gold Star mother and the constant revisionism and lying about past political positions taken are but a few of the lowlights that have punctuated Donald Trump’s chaotic chase for the presidency.
—– snip —–
And the political ride will only get rockier for Trump in the coming days after he suggested that one way to keep a conservative Supreme Court after Hillary Clinton got elected would be to assassinate her or federal judges.
—– snip —–
The GOP nominee was clearly suggesting that some of the “Second Amendment people” among his supporters could kill his Democratic opponent were she to be elected. The presidential candidate that House Speaker Paul Ryan endorsed tried to explain away his suggestion of an assassination by telling Sean Hannity his comments were meant to unite supporters before the election. It’s too bad for Trump and his supporters that his comments related to what Hillary Clinton would do after being elected and nominating Supreme Court justices that gun owners would not like.
We are in unchartered waters but that does not mean that the way forward is not clear. It is:
– The Secret Service should interview Donald Trump and ask him to explain his threatening comments.
– Paul Ryan and every Republican leader should denounce in the strongest terms their GOP nominee suggesting conservatives could find the Supreme Court more favorable to their desires if his political rival was assassinated.
– Paul Ryan and every Republican leader should revoke their endorsement of Donald Trump. At this point, what else could Trump do that would be worse than implying the positive impact of a political assassination?
– The Republican Party needs to start examining quickly their options for removing the Republican nominee.

A bloody line has been crossed that cannot be ignored. At long last, Donald Trump has left the Republican Party few options but to act decisively and get this political train wreck off the tracks before something terrible happens.
Joe Scarborough

Forget politics; Donald Trump is a despicable human being …  I truly hope that he is not simply defeated in November, but that he loses all 50 states so that the message goes out across the land — unambiguously, loud and clear: The likes of you should never come this way again.

And how does yer’ boy respond to his latest act of ignorance and hate?
like this … the same way he always does …

Trump On Second Amendment Backlash: ‘I Think It’s A Good Thing For Me’
(Huffington Post) Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said Tuesday night he’s benefitting from the controversy he created earlier in the day by suggesting “the Second Amendment people” might forcefully stop Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton from appointing Supreme Court justices. After an outcry from Democrats and gun-control advocates over remarks that appeared to obliquely encourage violence, Trump said he didn’t mean to suggest any harm. The real villains, he said on Fox News, were the media. “I have to say, in terms of politics, there is few things, and I happen to think that if (the media) did even bring this up, I think it’s a good thing for me,” Trump told Sean Hannity.

Trump Campaign Floats Every Excuse In The Book For Second Amendment Fiasco

Spokeswoman Offers Astounding Defense Of Trump’s Remarks

Trump Has A History Of Linking His Political Opponents To People’s Deaths

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