you built this

Trump voter: I support him because he says what he means.
Trump: Somebody shoot my opponent.
Trump voter: He didn’t mean that.
Trump: Somebody hack my opponent.
Trump voter: He didn’t mean that either.
Trump: I’m suspicious of the Khan family.
Trump voter: Nope, not that either.

After decades of routinely planting the seeds of ignorance and fear and hate, the Republican Party cannot truthfully, or in any good conscience at all, claim surprise at a harvest of Trump … YOU built this, GOP … YOU crawled into bed with him, and now he gets to fuck you … But it behooves ALL of us to make sure he doesn’t fuck the rest of us while he’s at it … Donald J. Trump is the embodiment of everything vile that the right-wing message machine has been pushing over the last 40 years. They must be so very proud of their creation … Donald Trump represents the epitome of everything the GOP has tried to instill in its voters … He is the classic example of being a bigoted, ill-informed liar who appeals to the bigoted, ill-informed voters you rely on in every election … He is everything you believe, everything you promote, everything you espouse … His only failing is that he says what you all want to say, but don’t have the balls to state outright … He has exposed the modern Republican party for exactly who they are, and THAT IS THE ONLY REASON that Republicans are scurrying for cover, THAT is why they are angry at Trump … NOT because he says offensive things, but because he sold them out, and their game, once and for all …


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