thank you mr. t

I’ve given this a lot of thought …
And after lengthy deliberation, I have concluded that I can not support anyone who was a co-founder of a major terrorist organization … I know, you must have been as shocked as I was to learn that President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were the founders of ISIS … BOOM! mind blown! … I had no idea … They have been able to hide it so well … If I ever have any really serious secrets that I need to “tell” and I need someone who won’t, these guys are my ride or die pair for sure … Thankfully we have that great American patriot and Christian do-gooder, Donald Trump to learn the truth from! … Thank you Mr.. Trump, how would we ever make it without your poise, searing intellect and calming countenance? … Not to mention your sacrifice … Seriously, don’t mention it because it doesn’t exist …


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