turns out pinocchio has a sister … who knew?

Somewhere a village is out looking for it’s missing idiot …

A spokesperson for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has blamed President Barack Obama for invading Afghanistan ― a foreign policy decision he never made.
“Remember, we weren’t even in Afghanistan by this time,” Katrina Pierson told CNN early Saturday. “Barack Obama went into Afghanistan creating another problem.”
“That was Obama’s war,” she declared later in the program, when asked to clarify if she meant Obama was responsible for its launch.
In fact, the invasion of Afghanistan took place in 2001 after the attacks on Sept. 11 of that year. Obama was a state senator in Illinois at the time, moonlighting as a restaurant critic. Being president was nothing but a dream for him back then. from Sam Stein @ huffpo

Juts so I won’t be accused of  rushing to judgment on Katrina Pierson, Trump liar du jour spokesperson, I’m going to wait to hear what she meant by this statement … and then hear what Mr. Trump says about this … and then listen to her explain what Trump meant to say about what she meant to say what Trump said she said … Until then, seems legit eh? … lol … Jesus Arnold Phillip Christ (you had no idea huh?)(what?), you just can’t make this shit up … And WTF is going on that no one bothers to correct these perpetually prevaricating princesses of propaganda that the Dumpster has hired when they’re flat out lying? … it’s as though Donald hired the Robert Palmer girls and it turns out, now that they speak, that they’re all pathological liars who seem to intellectually exist only in some faux news generated bubble o’ bullshit, fear and loathing … hey Travolta could play the kid in the bubble and, nvm, got sidetracked, my bad … Anyways, is it because there are no real journalists any more, that  know better? … or do they feel that this will get them publicity, ratings and notoriety if they allow un-challenged streams of bullshit? …
I just wanna smash my fucking TV when I listen to what has now become a steady parade of out and out lies and fear mongering from the Trump scampaign, and yet, they get away with it with absolutely no repercussions – not even a challenge … Small wonder that the American political discourse is in the state it’s in …
And, one final note here for the Trump scampaign, Barack Obama is not running for president, that would be Hillary you losers … Plus, the sooner you get over this whole fucking “Wait, didn’t he invade Vietnam? Or was it Korea? Wait yeah, he was responsible for the southern states seceding from the Union! – Oh, wait, that’s right, he’s black … um … well, he did something, I mean everything, that was bad! Yeah, that’s it!!” mantra ya’ got going, the sooner you can come to yer’ senses, do your country a yuuuge favor, and hit the road …
gg, no re feta-head …

** There’s three jobs I’d never want:
1. ‘Shrill gibberish to English’ Translator for Sarah Palin
2. The guy who cleans up after the elephants at the circus
3. Trump surrogate
Oh … wait … 2 and 3 are the same job … okay, that’s 2 jobs I’d never want …

udand then the internet showed up …






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