yuge loser blathers on endlessly-makes no sense

All that stood out as new was his sedated, dazed delivery, as the beleaguered and deservedly maligned GOP nominee Tang Ridiculous read slowly and haltingly. He seemed confused even by his own words, but that’s what happens when someone else writes your words, and you can’t be bothered to pre-read them. As he read he rotated his entire body back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, from the teleprompter on the left to the one on the right, for more than 40 minutes … he sounded like a third rate actor over-acting while on Zanax …

trump shovels by hip is everything

Trump’s ISIS speech began with the Republican nominee literally reading a list of recent terrorist attacks. Trump went on to argue that Obama and Clinton have created terrorism and ISIS.  Trump managed to tell three lies about the Iran deal in twenty seconds. The Republican nominee claimed that Obama and Clinton unleashed ISIS. Donald Trump claimed that Obama is intentionally suppressing information about ISIS.  Trump claimed to remember President Obama’s address in Cairo well, but one wonders if he is remembering Obama’s speech the same way that he remembers Muslims celebrating on the streets of New York after 9/11.  Trump, who claims to oppose the war in Iraq, blamed Obama for the rise of ISIS because the troops didn’t stay in Iraq. Trump claimed that Hillary Clinton lacks the “mental and physical stamina” to take on ISIS.
The Republican nominee asked voters to believe him that he privately opposed the war in Iraq from the beginning. Trump didn’t give a foreign policy speech. What he offered a was low energy repetition of Republican conspiracy theories and a defense of many flip-flops. Donald Trump said that the US should not have been in Iraq, but nonsensically argued that the US should keep the oil. How can the United States keep the oil, when Trump says the country should not have gone into Iraq? The US can’t get the oil if they don’t go to Iraq. The Republican nominee announced his goal of defeating “radical Islam.” As Trump’s campaign manager went to the bank to cash the latest check from Putin, Trump stressed that he believed that the US could have a good relationship with Russia. Trump then went off on a jaunt about Hillary Clinton’s emails being a disgrace. Donald Trump announced that he would require immigrants to pass an ideological purity test before being granted a visa. It was clear that Trump didn’t know what he was talking about. Even if one gave him the benefit of the doubt, Trump didn’t seem to care about the speech. more here …

tldr: a load of the same tired, right-wing-bubble-yak and bullshit, peppered with Sarah Palinesque word salad drivel, confusion and utter nonsense … the new Donald IS the OLD Donald … same old bigoted, racist, homophobic, clueless, angry, petulant, pathological liar and grifter … like a sugar crashing toddler with anger issues … the only redeeming value to this clown’s so called speeches is the “every time he lies” drinking game – a quick and violent drunk was had by all …

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