just a thought

You know, maybe if the Republican party would have spent a few minutes in the last 8 years being more pro-American and passing a couple of jobs and infrastructure bills instead of dedicating their entire existence toward making Obama a “1 term President” they wouldn’t be in the mess they find themselves in today? … The truth is that the GOTeaParty brought this on themselves … Fomenting anger at everything and nothing for the past 30 years (at least), discrediting science, facts, education and the media as a whole, stoking fear and loathing, cultivating ‘otherism’, attacking the rights of women, people of color and members of religions other than their own very strict, very narrow definition of Christianity, and making governmental dysfunction the only priority for at least the last 7 1/2 years, they have created fertile ground for someone like Trump … This is what you get when you convince the masses that everything is shit and ‘those others’ did it to you … This is the plant from that toxic seed you planted and cared for … This is the beginning of the end of the GOP … So, suck it buttercups, you built this …


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