satan you say?

This just in from the ‘wtf is going down in batshitcrazyville?’ department …
I know we’re into the ‘silly season’ but fuck me, they’re cranking up the crazy over in Douchetown lately …and this one takes it to the ‘nth’ degree … I get it, you guys hate Hillary … hey I’m not huge on her either, there’s lots not to love, but really?!? – the Satan card? … plus, maybe if for once the GOP ran someone for president who wasn’t such an ill-prepared, offensive fool … just sayin’ … might be time for a look in the mirror moment guys … or some professional help with that ‘fear and loathing’ thing ya’ got going there … I was tempted to reach for a ‘d-bag of the week award’, but with  the idiot Trump in the engineer’s seat aboard that train-wreck, shit-show you guys are calling a ‘campaign’, the award is pretty much staying on the Trump shelf, at least until November … or until someone has a trumper tantrum over some perceived slight, pulls a Palin ‘half term shuffle’ and goes home early … hey, it could happen, you have a petulant 5 year old with no impulse control as yer’ nominee … for the rest of us, it’s feet up, popcorn and scotch time … let the madness ensue … ahhhh, that’s better … “toot! toot!, all aboooard!”

Bryan Fischer: ‘Hillary Clinton Is Motivated By The Spirit Of The Antichrist’
Fresh off from telling his radio audience that they cannot vote for Hillary Clinton because “women should not be entrusted with high political office,” Bryan Fischer declared yesterday that Clinton cannot be allowed to become president because she is driven by the “spirit of the Antichrist.”

ahh yes Bryan, much better reason …

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