trump kills chris christie … loses no votes … ben carson flees

Donald Trump, having “had way more than enough of that fat bastard’s groveling”, finally cuts advisor/sycophant Chris Christie … literally … he shanked the part time governor of New Jersey repeatedly in the groin during last night’s appearance at a NAMBLA fund raiser …

trump had enuff knifes christie
Trump looks coldly into Chris Christie’s eyes after stabbing him repeatedly in the groin.

After a rather long winded turd polishing and ass kissing of the Dongald, Christie welcomed Trump to the stage while the band played ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’, despite repeated cease and desist orders from the law firm representing the Rolling Stones** … Trump strode to the podium where Christie waited, clapping like the trained seal he is, and stuck him over and over again in the groin with what later turned out to be a ‘Trump Steak Knife’ … Christie succumbed to his wounds instantly, slumping forward into Trump at which point Trump calmly pushed him aside as he fell to the floor, stepped over him and yelled into the mic “Team TRUMP – Fuck Yeah! … no time for losers and pussies, we are the champions!”. He then licked the blood off of his knife, stuck it into the top of the podium, and launched  straight into the usual 45 minute brag-off that he opens with at all his rallies … As he spoke Trump spokes-model and turd polisher Katrina Pierson dragged the body off the stage and was last seen heading over some bridge near Christie’s home town … apparently the bridge was open this time …

** Rolling Stones founder and front man Mick Jagger told BBC News today that he demands that “that ferret faced shit gibbon’ immediately stop using my songs”, and that he hopes Mr. Trump not only loses the November election in a humiliating fashion, but that ”that sad sack o’ shit for brains pig mater loses everything he has and disappears from the public eye forever.”

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