rustface rearranges the deck chairs

meet the new boss, same as the old boss … bitter and angry

so, here we go again …
Old rustface has announced that there will be no pivot, and that he has new peeps driving the Trump Train … oh, what a surprise … I am stunned and speechless … yeah, lol, right …  and here’s a look at his new motley crew …

First up, we have ex Ted Cruz fangirl and sycophant, Kellyanne Conway, a Republican pollster and Trump team ‘adviser’, as the  new campaign manager … an angrier lookin’ lass you’ve never met … pretty much the poster girl for bitchy resting face, Kellyanne has never met a mic she didn’t love and a lie she couldn’t spin … the perfect soulless, empathy free prime prevaricator for Team Dong … and she hates everything, so she’s gunna fit in just peachy bigly …
Next up is the reigning king o’ sleaze, Steve Bannon,  executive chairman of the conservative website Breitbart News, who the Dumpster has tagged as his campaign CEO … Steve is nothing more or less than a rabid ball of hate and the site he seems to have inherited from the late Andrew Brietbart, asshole extrordinaire, is without a doubt the most lie-filled, hate-filled, fear and loathing generating entities on the web, a real dung hole … his ample girth, low I.Q., a life of anger, hatred, bigotry, and the worst vile and bile to have been dredged up from the slime in many a year, have made Steve one of the sleaziest, most petulant rich-dick-lickers in the fake news and poutrage business … he too is a perfect fit for the Dongald …
Last, and most certainly least, is one of the most renowned sexual assault artists of our time, Roger ‘the Groper’ Ailes, ex head of Faux Noise … only the ‘Cos has this guy beat for quantity of victims … Roger’s specialty is lies and innuendo of the most base and vile variety … a true slander and shit slinger …there are NO boundaries or sense of decency with this f-wad, ever … so, if you thought Trump and his ilk have been sleazy d-bags so far, you ain’t seen nothing yet baby … All aboard the crazy train …


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