7th sign of the apocalypse revealed

Michele Bachmann: “I’m advising Trump on foreign policy.”

In a sure sign that the apocalypse is now upon us the always psychotic, ever fearful, bat-shit crazy Michele ‘Crazy Eyes’ Bachmann says “she is now advising Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on foreign policy” … The former Minnesota congresswoman who has turned into a ranting and raving religious fanatic since leaving office and narrowly avoiding prison, now appears to have entered a permanent state of religious hallucination and speaking in tongues (or as we like to call them here: GOP talking points) … Michele and her husband Marcus (who, it appears, was not successful in his ‘pray away the gay’ sessions) were attending a fundraiser in the state for GOP presidential nominee Tang Ridiculous on Saturday, when she revealed to the press that she has old Rust face’s ear on foreign policy … several members of the press were treated on scene with oxygen and sedatives due to uncontrollable laughter and choking … Before leaving the interview Ms. Bachmann recited her now familiar Frank Luntz authored fever swamp propaganda, spewing wave after wave of nonsensical, fact free near sentences and half-baked semi-thoughts … she followed that up with her now famous “constant tears of impotent rage” speech, before descending completely into what almost looked like a meth fueled, Palinesque word salad all the while staring at the wrong camera  …  She was last seen huddled in a corner of the Faux Noise studio with Hannity the Manatee and his live in lover Billo the Clown O’Really desperately trying to get her to stop screaming and sobbing … best of luck on that Sean.

TL,DR: Oh my, fuck me Mabel, this is scary …


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