breaking … is donald trump on his death bed?

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has reportedly canceled two of his upcoming campaign events… The reports come after news surfaced Monday that the GOP nominee will be delaying a speech on immigration that was set for later this week amid new questions over his position on the issue … Trump has canceled a Friday rally in Las Vegas scheduled at the South Point Hotel Casino and Spa, according to the Las Vegas Sun. His campaign didn’t say why the event was canceled … The Republican nominee has also canceled an Aug. 31 rally and fundraiser in Portland, Ore., according to Oregon Public Broadcasting. Trump reportedly canceled the event due to scheduling changes.

I don’t want to be starting any rumors here, but I am becoming somewhat alarmed at the recent cancellations of events on the ‘2016 Stoke the Brand’ tour by the tangerine ferret, GOP nominee Donald J. McFuckerson … After checking out many, many suspicious videos over at that part of the YouTubes that one only encounters late at night, after way too many ‘holy fuck, what is that about?’  link clicks, have come to the rather inescapable conclusion that Y’all Queda leader McFuckerson is literally on his death’s bed …
The slurred speech; the inability to finish a whole sentence or thought without veering off into Michele Bachmann flavored word salad fantasy and hallucination driven babblings; the delusions of grandeur; the impulse control of a coke addled 10 year old with anger control issues; the constant, pathological lying; the intense and inhuman discoloration of hair and skin; the beady, vacant, cold as death eyes; the hideously deformed ‘baby’ hands; the undeniable lack of testicles; the insecurity of a badly pimpled 13 year old boy on his first date – with a high priced hooker – that was purchased by a drunken uncle with great intentions and poor judgment; the complete lack of comprehension on any subject, and the constant over compensation for an obvious lack of length AND girth … I’m telling you, there’s something going on here … something really, really bad … bad I tell ya’ … really bad … and many people agree with me, believe me … trust me, there’s something not quite right here … I’ve heard a lot of people saying that many people are saying that a lot of people think that a lot of people are saying that something might be wrong with the Dongald … something real serious … something bad … something very bad … I don’t think he can be president because he’ll probably just die on day one from the infestation alone … at least that’s what I’ve heard many people say … not me … other people … just Google Donald Trump and illness and see the videos yourself … believe me, they’re bad … very bad … it’s like some kind of fucking alien conspiracy shit or something … sad … and scary … real scary …


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