the apricot asshole rides again


1. I noticed that the first thing you thought about , as usual, Mr. Drumpf, is that it was once again (as was the case after the Orlando massacre) time to congratulate yourself on your fake and exaggerated prescience … sickening …

2. You spelled Dwyane’s name wrong you empathy free sack of shit … if you’re going to ‘use’ someone, at least have the fucking decency to spell their name correctly …

3. You sir are a delusional fool if you think, that after 30+ years of being an out and out racist ANY people of color will ever vote for you … except for maybe yer’ pal, queen of the grifters, Omarosa … and yer’ paying her to vote for you …

4. You and your clan of fools, liars. grifters and bigots are what is wrong with America, not Hillary, not Barack, not the media, not the liberals, not people of color, you sir, are the problem, and the sooner cretins and leeches like you have passed by and faded away, the better for one and all …

So Donnie, you slimy little prick, how abut you just pack up your lack of judgment, lack of restraint, lack of class and your tiny little hands and dick and slither on back into that fake gold encrusted home of yours atop Dump Tower … at least until Deutsche Bank and the Chinese government come and take it all away in exchange for all the money you owe them … you have proved time and again that you are nothing more than a manipulative, opportunistic scumbag and that you should NEVER be anywhere near the levers of power. What a shriveled, putrid little soul you are Donald.


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