trump to release rap album

New York – GOP presidential nominee Donald ‘Gasbags’ McTinyhands announced today that in an attempt to prove to “the blacks” that “he’s their ride or die” in the upcoming presidential election, he will be releasing a “Rap” album to coincide with his next immigration speech . The album will consist of rap and R and B versions of many of Donald’s favorite songs. Trump spokesman Kellyanne Conway proudly revealed the new release which of course is available at for only $29.25 plus shipping and handling … and if you order today, you will also receive Donald’s new coffee table book “White Like Me”, a surefire xmas winner for that crazy uncle who never leaves home without a tinfoil hat, AND an autographed 8X10 of the Donald himself wearing full robes and hood … a ‘must have’ for any fan of the vacuous vermillionaire.

make amerikkka hate again TRUMP by hip is everything

And, just so the kids aren’t left out of all the good, clean, wholesome, white fun the album o’ hate includes such kiddie’s classics as:
Don and Ted Nugent doing an absolutely dank rap version of “Baa Baa Black Sheep – Ni&%ers Gotta Go!” …
Clint ‘the Chair Man’ Eastwood joins Donald on “Jack and Jill – NOT! Juan and Juanita!” …
Mel Gibson and Mein Furor team up for an amazing version of “Hot Cross Burns” …
Donnie, Ivanka and H8Machine bring the rage with “I’m A Little Despot” …
The always popular and autobiographical “Wee Willie Winkie” …
And what album of vile would be complete without the soulful rendering of the all time kids classic “Humpty Dumpty Sat On A wall – which Mexico is gunna pay for!” by Donnie, David Duke and Steve ‘the Beater’ Bannon …

all proceeds go directly to the “Better Amerikkka Foundation” a wholly owned subsidiary of Trump/Putin Industries.


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