just another day in wtfville, usa

face it Dongald … they’re just not that into you …

Dallas Morning News: Trump ‘does not deserve your vote’
Texas now a tossup as Trump loses support there | McClatchy DC
New WaPo Poll Shows Clinton, Trump In Dead Heat In ‘Tossup’ Texas

yikes! … lolol …

oh yeah, then there was this …

NJ GOP Candidate Threatens ‘Daily Beast’ Reporter: ‘I Hope Somebody Rapes You Today’

(Alternet) We normally think of angry internet trolls as jobless losers who hurl insults anonymously online from their mothers’ basements. Sometimes, however, it seems that they run for public office as well.
Mike Krawitz, a New Jersey Republican who is running for a spot on the West Deptford Township Committee this fall, told Daily Beast reporter Olivia Nuzzi on Facebook that he hopes she gets raped by a Syrian refugee

more here … Mikey’s facebook is here, drop him a line if ya’ like …

All in all, just another day in wtfville … nice work GOP! … Idiocracy FTW!


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