the tangerine nightmare continues

So, Hillary tells the truth (even if it is un-artfully) about Trump supporters and Donald Trump then declares Hillary Clinton “will be disqualified to run for president if she doesn’t apologize, and I don’t see how she could credibly campaign even before this statement. Proven liar’s shouldn’t be in the race at all.” …Really Donnie??? – then you were disqualified three minutes after your famous escalator ’performance’ where you announced your candidacy by calling Mexicans rapists and criminals  … and you and your sycophants can’t call David Duke what he is, a racist and a hate monger, and yeah, ‘deplorable’ … yeah, seems legit to me … fuck me Mabel … Hillary was only wrong in that she didn’t include you and Mr. Pence in her ‘deplorables’ comment …
You just know that the natives are fired up now at Trump HQ …

trump hq

Mike Pence declines to say whether David Duke is ‘deplorable’ because he ‘is not in the name-calling business’

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