enemy of the people

This piece was posted at Democratic Underground today … it needs to go viral …
I believe that it perfectly encapsulates a message about, and an understanding of, the current political situation that America finds itself in. A message which myself and many others have spent so much time and effort to disassemble and disseminate. Please, read it and share it …

Enemy of the People
posted by Nance Greggs

An open letter to the Republican Party:
Your presidential nominee, Donald Trump, is a liar, a bigot, a cheat, and an idiot. He is as morally bankrupt as his businesses are financially bankrupt. His candidacy, in and of itself, is an unmitigated embarrassment to our country, and is seen as such in the eyes of the world.
This is what you have wrought. This is the man who literally embodies everything you stand for – his only failing being his penchant for saying out loud what you whisper behind closed doors.
Every time you defend him, you confirm that his unbridled racism and obvious stupidity deserves being defended. Every time you support him, you prove that you have no concern whatsoever for the well-being of our nation or its citizens. Every time you praise him, you broadcast the fact that you have zero regard for the dire consequences of our country being led by someone who has absolutely no grasp of the duties and responsibilities of the office of POTUS, nor any knowledge whatsoever of domestic or international affairs.
The nomination of Sarah Palin for VP was a red flag. It showed that you were willing to put a mindless idiot in an office one heartbeat away from the presidency. At the time, we foolishly believed that even you would come to your senses, and ensure that such a circumstance would never arise again.
But instead you have doubled-down. You have now nominated a mindless idiot for the highest office in the land, and the most powerful position on the planet.
I used to think of Republicans as the enemy of Democrats, of liberals, of progressives. But Trump’s candidacy has proven beyond all doubt that you are an Enemy of the People of the United States.
They are the people you have lied to, misled, encouraged to be armed and violent and to distrust those of differing religions, differing ethnicity, different races. They are the people you have riled-up with your bullshit, the people you have taught to be intolerant, the people you have lectured about ethics and principles when you have none of your own, the people you have preached to while hiding your own immorality, the people you have cheated out of the American Dream of a better life while you support the wealthy to their detriment.
You have done nothing to assist the middle class, the poor, veterans, the unemployed, the sick, or the homeless. You have done nothing to preserve the environment, or ensure that it will be protected in future. You have done nothing to prevent unhinged citizens from accessing weapons, or to safeguard every citizen’s right to vote. In fact, you have done nothing about anything at all.
You have stood in silence as children are gunned-down in schoolrooms, while being outspoken on denying the rights of women, minorities, and the LGBT community. You have remained glaringly closed-mouthed about the working poor, while proposing tax cuts for the wealthiest among us. You have collected your paychecks for what amounts to a paltry amount of work hours per year, while railing against a livable minimum wage for those who work 60-plus hours a week and still can’t survive.
You have lied when convenient, obfuscated when it serves your political purposes, obstructed simply for the sake of doing so, and have steadfastly ignored every challenge facing us as a nation, as well as the steps necessary to meet those challenges.
Much has been made of Hillary Clinton’s characterization of some Trump supporters as “deplorable”. The truth is that your entire party is deplorable.
When you stand up for everything that is detrimental to the citizenry, you are an Enemy of the People. When you campaign for a man you know to be unqualified, you are an Enemy of the People. When you support the candidacy of an immoral, proven-to-be liar who doesn’t have the intellectual wherewithal to utter a single coherent sentence, you are an Enemy of the People. When you promote electing a lying, deceitful blowhard to the presidency, you are an Enemy of the People. When you ignore the consequences of having a complete idiot sitting in the Oval Office, you are an Enemy of the People.
My only argument with HRC’s statement is that she was being almost unforgivably polite. “Deplorable” doesn’t even come close to describing what you as a party have become, and what you have now proven yourselves to be beyond all doubt.
Let it be noted that the Republican Party does not do things by half measures. It is not that you are merely AN Enemy of the People; you are THE Enemy of the People. If the shoe fits, wear it. And being the Enemy of the People happens to be a shoe that fits perfectly.


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