<bangs head repeatedly on desk>

Last week it was WALL-TO-WALL, 24 hours a day coverage over “the deplorables” and Hillary’s near-fainting spell. The media couldn’t get enough.
And then, a couple days back Trump says he’d blow Iranians out of the water if they make “gestures” at American troops. No one complains. Nothing, nada, crickets.
Trump also blatantly lied about, then attacked personally, a female preacher for what he wrongly perceived as some slight, and as I said in a previous blog post, a woman, AND a person of color, telling him what to do is always a ‘combustion point’ for the Dumpster. No one bats an eye. Yup, more crickets.
Now, for the second time, Trump hints that assassinating HRC would be desirable. Still no one in the so called “press” flinches. What’s that sound?  Oh yeah, crickets.
And the media are barely covering it. WTF???
Is anyone paying ANY attention, or is it just ratings, ratings and more freaking ratings?
Truly pathetic behavior by the media as a whole.
I’m gonna go watch ‘Idiocracy’ now and see how this shit all turns out.
Oh yeah, and instead of getting up and flipping my tv onto the news tomorrow, I’m gonna just click THIS LINK – it’ll make just as much sense, and I won’t be all pissed off by lunch.
I’d suggest you all just go with the link too … just sayin’ …


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