don’t vote for donnie or hill, vote for you and yer’ kids

First off let me just say that I, as anyone who reads my rantings and musings here will know by now, am NOT a Hillary OR Bill fan, there’s just a shitload of stuff I don’t like about Billary … And, there’s a yuuuge shitload of stuff that I detest about the alternative and I find him and his gang way beyond deplorable … still, all that aside, there are reasons to vote Dem in November that dwarf anything that the right is selling and spewing this cycle … I’m not sure who wrote this, but it landed at my place, and I couldn’t put it better … So, for all the Bernie Bros, Trumpster Divers and “protest voters” of all kinds, read this, think about it for a minute, and then vote with your brain, not your gut. This election isn’t a personality contest people, it’s about women’s rights, civil rights, proper governance, voting rights, the environment and a million more things that will affect you and yours for decades to come. This is ‘get fuckin’ serious time’ America, the world is watching, and it matters. Bigly! …
Team America, Fuck Yeah! 


BOOM drop the mike


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