sunday morning brain farts

Just some random shit that’s running around in the grey matter today … this is the kinda shit I think about on a Sunday morning … ikr, scares me too … maybe I should try church? … lol, nah, jk … psych! … anyhoo, away we go …

1. Has Trump proved his own source of origin? … Where is HIS birth certificate? … and LONG FORM buddy, that other one looks like a fake. I’m pondering sending a great many serious people, really serious people, believe me, to Wtfville to see if Trump ever really lived there … no-one seems to remember him … he just seems to have appeared outta nowhere, claiming he truly is the son of Woody Guthrie’s favorite racist landlord, Freddy ‘white power’ Trump. Is there any proof, or is the Dongald just a usurper and a Manchurian candidate, actually born in Germany? or was it Kenya? … back to the youtubez … sigh, research is hard.
Maybe that’s why he won’t produce his tax returns … They’ll show that he sends all his pay-cheques to his people’s homeland so that other Drumpfs can sneak into America and suck up some Obamacare and Social Security … and welfare, and free Obama phones and shit …
If he can’t or won’t produce his tax returns, perhaps it is because he isn’t himself an American … Maybe he is registered as a foreign national so that he can further evade/avoid taxes … Is there ANY proof that this grifter is actually an American citizen? …
Just asking, seeing as how it seems to be an issue with him for everyone else … Because ya’ know, the things that people complain about the most are often the very things they are guilty of … it’s called projection and it seems to be welded to the republican DNA. – Maybe Trump too was made in China … just sayin’ …
2. Where is his proof that he is sane and at minimum nominally functional at a presidential level? The Alzheimer’s signs are everywhere, people are talking, and who in their right fucking mind would walk around looking like that? Someone who’s not quite right in the head as my mom used to say, that’s who! … and while we’re at it, let’s see those Wharton school records too pal …
3. There have been many people saying (just google it and watch the videos like Rudy 911iani suggested for the Hillary scoops) that the Dongald may have raped an underage girl, or was it a boy, it’s hard to tell with these videos ya’ know.
4. There are also very many people, VERY many, believe me, that say that Trump is actually broke and is subsisting on a steady diet of cash from the Russkies. Is that how we’re gonna make America great again Donnie boy? – with loans from Russia?
5. Dat hair … wtf ‘sup there? Seriously, inquiring minds wanna know. So does the SPCA.
6. This whole Ivanka thing … why does he push his wife away when she approaches (see every fucking picture and video of the two of them) and yet he can’t seem to keep those tiny little orange hued molester hands of his off of his daughter’s ass … you know, Ivanka, the daughter he so wants to date … the one he can’t get enough kisses from (ask “doctor” Oz) … I wonder if he likes to fondle Eric and Donnie Jr.’s asses too, or are they all just left feeling all jealous and shit? … just wondering seeing as he reps the “family values party” and I’m truly worried (as are many, many people) about his whole family happiness dynamic … why?, because I fucking care about that shit, because that’s just how this guy rolls … <- pretty good eh? – got that shit out with a straight face. Actually, I was just being ‘sarcastic’.
7. Why is daughter Tiffany left out of everything? Is she the idiot illegitimate child that Donnie sired on one of his “business junkets” to Russia, or is she the product of one of Donald’s many (alleged) incestuous (alleged) affairs (alleged) and so horribly mentally defective that she has become nothing more than an embarrassment to King Con?  … we’ve all seen how much Donnie likes “the handicapped.” … Or, is she maybe just a little too old for the Donnie’s tastes? It’s a mystery, and you wouldn’t believe what many people are saying about all this … there’s something going on here, I don’t know what it is exactly, but it’s bad … very bad … and sad.
8. Where has Donald’s ‘African American’ gone? Did he escape? … possibly on some kind of underground railroad to Canada (again, check out that other part of the Youtubez on this one), or did the Donald sell him? (the scampaign is after all pretty short on cash, and it’s pretty tough for his pal/mentor/subject of the Dongald’s fan-boy worship Vladdy Poo Tin to get cash into the States at the moment.
9. Where did Melania go? She seems to have disappeared right after the convention in Cleveland. Did Donnie trade her in for a newer model (the gal is in her mid 40’s after all – and that’s pretty fucking old for the Donald – and his over-inflated ego and under-inflated dick), and the ‘newer model’ just hasn’t arrived from Russia yet? Or, did she just land some really lucrative speech writing job over at her previous owner’s place, Manafort-Putin Enterprises?
10. Will Donnie be deporting his very busy and most condescending surrogate, pretend Latino Steve Cortez when he’s elected? … or will he just leave him out there to be completely torn apart for his lies by Joy Reid and Lawrence O’Donnell over at MSNBC? Maybe Steve could land his old job back at Trump Industries as manager in charge of self-loathing and bullshit …
Oh no, never mind, that job is already filled by Ben Carson and Chris ‘where’s my fucking donuts’ Christie …
11. Will this shit ever end?


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