pepe, gas chambers and skittles

Once, twice, three times a racist …

Okay, enough is enough, no more “I didn’t mean anything by it”, or”I had no idea that that’s what that meant, oops” … no more chances …
After a week where he dropped the alt-right uber racist Pepe the frog meme AND the gas chambers ‘joke’ on the public Donald Trump Jr. who is no stranger to racist comments and alt-right references and innuendo has now dropped this little plum on the public (see below), and then said “hey I had no idea it was at all offensive” … bullshit … and the references and ‘winks’ to the alt-right are right in the viewers face …
Skittles are an alt-right racist dog whistle meme thing the last while … Trayvon Martin had skittles on him when he was killed. The alt-right made their connection with this murder a sort of ‘hidden wink’ amongst themselves …

Donald Trump Jr has used a Twitter post to liken Syrian refugees to poisoned Skittles and suggest that America should not accept any.

Someone please tell these sociopaths that this is NOT a skittle and that the only thing that is poison around here is them and their rhetoric …




Laura Seay ‏@texasinafrica 10h10 hours ago
Othering refugees by wink-wink referencing a white supremacist’s murder of a black child carrying Skittles is where the Trump campaign is.

Simon Maloy ‏@SimonMaloy 13h13 hours ago
Syrian refugees are mainly family units, mostly kids, fleeing a war zone
and this pampered shit heel calls them all potential murderers


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