white supremacy as performance art

White supremacy and racism as performance art …
Parallel to Hillary’s immigration plan everybody’s favorite bigot and King of the Deplorables Donald J. Trump has twisted the context of the lyrics to soul singer Al Wilson’s 1968 hit ‘The Snake’ to make his latest hateful, bigoted point about refugees … He likes to roll this little ditty out on a pretty regular basis as his crowds (who aren’t deplorable at all, nope) roar their approval … Interesting concept, stealing a piece of culture from one group that hates you to bash the culture, if not very existence, of another group who hates you, all to prove to a bunch of haters how much you hate both cultures … wow, a lot of hate going on there …
This demagoguery spewing waste of skin and air has moved way past ‘dog whistles’ and is now just bull horning the racism at his rallies …
This man, and I use that word begrudgingly, just keeps getting more and more despicable and deplorable by the day …
And certainly more dangerous …

The only surprising thing about Trump using the story of The Snake to slander “the others” is that we’re usually used to hearing anti-Semites and neo-Nazis use it to refer to Jews … and notice how Trump’s reaction to crowd adulation is to do a little miniature victory lap, turning in a circle like a beauty queen … this has become the theatre of the absurd … this scampaign has now become nothing more than a hate parade … the kind of stuff that often descends into the worst periods of history, and usually showcases man’s darker angels … if history is to be trusted as an indicator of where we as a species will go, then it usually starts out with everyone saying “this guy’s a clown, he can’t possibly win, there’s nothing to worry about” and winds up somewhere a lot past “what the fuck just happened? …  what the fuck have we done? … we’re fucked!”
Pepe the Frog & Trump’s parable of the snake, all in one week from this campaign, and the media is sitting around saying “nope, no racism here folks … nothing to see … just Donald being Donald, he really doesn’t mean it, there’s nothing to worry about” … yeah right.


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