the dementia diaries: donnie d-bag doubles down on dickitude and disgusting drama

Sometimes you just need to step back and say “WTF??! … while the leaders of the world were gathered to pay respect to Shimon Peres, one American presidential candidate, only 39 days from the election, is up all night long tweeting about a sex tape … that doesn’t actually exist … all to make himself feel better about the fact that he just had his aging, overweight, bright orange ass handed to him by “a girl” … maybe Howard Dean is right, maybe the old orange bigot/misogynist is up all night ‘sniffing’ coke (who knows?, many people are saying after all, something’s going on), but probably it’s just the work of a small-dicked, petulant, narcissistic man possum with early onset dementia an NO impulse control. Did I mention egomaniacal, delusional, sociopathic compulsive liar? … no? …well, that too.

Here’s what the orange shit gibbon was up to last night …
Trainwreck Trump tweets: 3:20 a.m., 5:14 a.m., 5:19 a.m., 5:30 a.m. …


and to top it all off this started with an over spray tanned, obese, small dicked white guy calling out a beautiful young Latina woman for putting on 15 pounds (roughly the weight of that fucking urine stained ferret living on his head) and humiliating her for not being what he sees as ‘the perfect woman’ … oh, the fucking irony, sometimes it’s just too much …

pos by hip is everythingPREDICTION: it’s over! Donald J. Trump has lost the election.

Go home Donnie, and don’t come ‘round here no more …
and take those disgusting sycophants you call yer’ kids with ya’ … sad!


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